Classroom teams: The best antibullying

Apr 10, 2019 3:53:20 PM / BY Instituto Real de San Luis


In the last decade, the term bullying has spread in many institutions worldwide, so we are aware of avoiding this problem with our students. Learn about the benefits of classroom teams in the anti-bullying program of our private schools in San Luis Potosí.

Bullying refers to any relationship between school children who show a lack of respect – in word or action – to another person, as a consequence of poor personal development, especially of the aggressor.

This makes us think about finding the best environment for our families and hope that the school where our children are located is the best option to spend their school day.

As a strategy that has had a great impact between children and young people is the use of classroom teams, which has benefited to eradicate bullying at different ages of the educational framework.

This model is adapted to the profile and needs of the students, mainly boys, to help them in their healthy coexistence and in the integral formation of each one.

Using classroom teams per section contributes to cooperative and service contact between students of different grades who, by having a sense of belonging, constantly worrying about their peers, whether they are younger or older.

It also fosters the growth of personal identity by creating bonds and environments with their peers, helping them to promote a positive environment.

The principal objectives to organize classroom teams are:

  1. The students’ human formation.
  2. Stimulating the responsibility, the companionship and the spirit service.
  3. Lay the foundations to facilitate the friendship between students.
  4. Generate social and competition virtues.

 The tools used by the staff includes:

            Use classroom and section teams, which reinforce friendship and competence.
            Have a captain for each team, which fosters the spirit of service among their peers.
            Have roles per person, in which the sense of responsibility is acquired.
            Employ various skills throughout the school year (recreational, academic and sports).

This environment helps promote the protection of their peers and the sense of belonging and avoiding bullying situations. Also, create and develop leaders and virtuous people concerned about continuous improvement.

Definitely, the use of classroom teams for each section helps create an environment of healthy coexistence, which values and virtues are promoted among students and teachers.

We invite you to discover how it works at the Instituto Real de San Luis, one of the best schools in San Luis Potosí.

*Escrito por: MBA. Alejandro Arriaga de la Garza /


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