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  Como padre o madre de familia, los tiempos de contingencia pueden ser muy diferentes para cada uno de nosotros; para algunos es una temporada difícil de afrontar, para otros representa una oportunidad de reencontrarse con sus hijos, pero indudablemente para todos, es un momento de adversidad y ...
  Cuando nace tú hijo parece que el tiempo se detiene para cosas que antes parecían necesarias y ahora pasan a segundo plano. Descubres porque todos te decían que durmieras mucho, que aprovecharas para ir al cine muy seguido, y mil y un cosas que creías exageradas. En esta etapa de descubrimiento y ...
It is amazing what children can learn and do while roleplaying! Last month, we had the joy to present an awesome production prepared by our Third Grade and Pre First students and teachers… our traditional “showtime”.
In life, two kinds of skills will help us to face the world, either in real life or in school events. Talking about school, the acquisition of academic and professional skills is very important, but there are others, which must be developed since the early childhood; these are also known as soft ...
Taking the reins of a home is the hardest job in the world. This is the most important "industry", the one that works with human beings, your children, your husband.
Parents need to establish limits, rules and routines. But above all, be present when our children are exposed to television programs, computer games, iPads, magazines and other media.

A good family routine!

Kínders del Real  Apr 10, 2019 8:03:25 PM
  Routine family life can sometimes become an overwhelming experience depending on the number of children and their ages, as well as their extracurricular activities and the schedules of each one, with or without domestic support at home.

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