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May 23, 2019 4:09:20 PM / BY Kínders del Real


It is amazing what children can learn and do while roleplaying! Last month, we had the joy to present an awesome production prepared by our Third Grade and Pre First students and teachers… our traditional “showtime”.

This year it was the Wizard of Oz story that filled the stage with a mixture of adventure, friendship and some comical moments that made us all have a great time.

Presented 100% in English, the script was adapted to entertain both adults and children. The decoration, atmosphere, and musical moments were notes of the enormous effort and hard work during the setup of the show.

At Kinder del Real, we believe in young children´s abilities and enormous potential. Therefore, we empower them day by day in order to make the most of these skills. In this case, children are able to learn and practice English with excellent pronunciation and in a fun way for them, getting involved in the plot and enjoying every moment of this experience.

Get to know all the details of the event:

  • According to the age of our students and their development stage, we fit a convenient script for them to be able to memorize but most of all to enjoy.
  • Characters were duplicated as needed in order to balance the dialogs among all students and they were raffled to make it fair for everyone.
  • There were three shows, two of them presented by the 3rd-grade students and the other one by the Pre First students.
  • Some of the best moments of the evening were the diverse and fun musical numbers cheered up by parents with loud applause for their little ones.
  • Children’s faces showed up just how proud they were of themselves and how much they desired to pride their parents, teachers, friends, and relatives.

When the show ended, the audience left thrilled and impressed by children´s performance. The event was an absolute success and an unforgettable night for everyone.

We invite all parents of young learners to come around, know us and decide to become part of our Kinder del Real, the best preschool in town. We can assure you that our high-quality educational project is the best choice for your family. Click below to set an appointment, we are waiting for you.

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