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By TEFL Madeleine Galván


*Motivation: From the Latin word emovere: to move or to do an action.

It is a state that drives people’s behavior to complete and achieve an action. Motivation is essential since it leads us to purposely search for resources that ensure we will be successful. Such impulses bring us to complete an action. Without motivation there is no action. As teachers at the Instituto Lomas del Real, we believe in motivating our students to achieve their goals and improve as a person and pupil.

Scholars have divided motivation in two groups, extrinsic and intrinsic.

EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION: The kind of motivation experienced by exterior factors such as rewards, to please other people’s expectations, follow role models, and grades or even to avoid punishment. External motivation produces better behavior and little or no effort.


INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: It’s doing something because the student believes something is important or enjoys doing. Intrinsic motivation is crucial in building habits, it can last a long time and be autonomous.


As parents, you might have noticed your daughter at times unmotivated, putting minimal effort in the tasks she is to complete, have negative attitude towards learning and schoolwork. In the Instituto Lomas del Real we firmly believe in the parent-teacher partnership to help the student overcome problems and thrive in school, some ideas on how we can provide our students with the proper encouraging environment will be presented. However, we must take into account that the individual solely must make the last decision.


A) How can parents help increase motivation?


   1. Have a strong relationship with your daughter

   2. Teach character strengths

   3. Let her learn from failure

   4. Encourage expression of opinion

   5. Set realistic goals

   6. Adapt to their learning style

   7. Lead by example having a healthy attitude towards school


B) How can teachers help increase motivation?


   1. Provide the student with useful information.

   2. Provide interesting information.

   3. Make the information relevant.

   4. Build affinity with students.

   5. Encourage realistic goal setting and reflection.

   6. Be free with praise and constructive in criticism.


As teachers at the Instituto Lomas del Real, we endeavor to keep our students motivated. A clear example was stated by one of our 12th grade GAC student at the end of a personally motivating oral presentation:

“I believe that the GAC did not only help me improve my English abilities, it also pushed me to do things that I never saw myself capable of doing; my confidence increased a lot in the span of 3 years. During this course, I was given the opportunity to present a really important topic to me and not only to my classmates, but my whole high school as well. The presentation was about the environmental crisis that we are suffering right now and, being trusted enough by my teachers to conduct it, deeply touches me. I am really grateful for the opportunity I was given and all the knowledge I gained through it all. Despite the moments of hard work, I would never regret joining the GAC and the Instituto Lomas del Real.”

“There Are No Limits To What You Can Accomplish, Except The Limits You Place On Your Own Thinking.” – Brian Tracy



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