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Between the 6th and 9th of November, The United Nations Model of Univeridad Panamericana in Aguascalientes (PANAMMUN) took place as every year. This time, 30 of our High School students participated as delegates together with another 15 schools. 

The Model was conformed by the following committees: 

-General Assembly.- The topic was "Earth's Ultimatum:Alarm on Climate Change"

-Economic and Social Council.- "Piracy and terrorism on the coasts: An Urgent Need to establish International Sea Security Mechanisms" was the topic.

-Security Council.- 

-Organization of American States.- "Democracy in danger: Autoritarian Regimes in America" was discussed.

-United Nations Committee on Women: Here it was disscussed "Gender Equality's Last Defense: Women Power of Decission against Social Roles".

-UNICEF.- The topic was "Children and Armed Conflict: Recruitment of Underage Soldiers".

-Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.- The topic was "Voices of Silence: Ranges and limits to the Freedom of Expression".


Throughout these days, sessions started at 9:00 A.M. and finished at 9:00 P.M. the previous commitees achieved satisfactory agreements after intense debates and negotiations between delegates to write and conclude formal resolutions, keeping always mutual respect and adherence to each country's interests and capabilities.


One of our student's effort in Security Council was rewarded with the "Best Delegate" Recognition: Miguel Gutiérrez Sánchez. This was due to his excellent performance as delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Instituto Real de San Luis was also distinguished by PANAMMUN Secretary General as "The Best Delegation". It is a Recognition given to the school that proved respect, commitment, discipline and hard work.


Congratulations to all of our students! We look forward to count on with your enthusiastic participation next year.


By Lic. Ricardo Pérez Reyes.

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Topics: Educación en valores, Calidad académica