RealMun 2019

15-oct-2019 8:46:34 / POR Instituto Real de San Luis


On January 23rd, RealMun was opened by the Principal Miguel Saiz, who stated in his opening speech that this was not only an opportunity to increase our knowledge about the most relevant and shocking world issues nowadays, but to improve individual communication skills and enrich values like tolerance, patience, respect and humility as well.

And so have students proved it. During the first United Nations Model held in Instituto Real de San Luis, with the distinguished participation of Colegio Motolinia and Instituto Lomas del Real, the experience of how hard diplomacy may be due to how different nations and human beings are as to its particular way to understand the world and consequently their particular interests, was defined as interesting and worth of try and be repeated by themselves. 


We, as teachers, agree that this kind of events play an important role for youngsters during their school years providing them with important notions of negotiation, respect and the prevalence of reason over violence.


In this first RealMUN, the commitees were Security Council, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), World Health Organization (WHO), Organization of American States (OAS), General Assembly, and United Nations Commitee on Women with their following respective topics: The situation in Lebanon, Reconstruction of Syria and Crisis in Yemen, Health and Sanity in Subsaharian Africa, The migratory crisis in Venezuela, Human Rights vulnerability by Blue Helmets during peace-keeping missions, and Women Rights Worldwide.


During two day-long sessions starting at 9:00 A.M. and finishing at 2:00 P.M. the previous commitees achieved satisfactory agreements after intense debates and negotiations between delegates to write and conclude formal agreements, keeping always mutual respect and adherence to each country's interests and capabilities.


Instituto Real de San Luis expects the next RealMUN, to be held in February 2020, will not only count with the previous schools participation but to achieve a higher level of debates and deeper agreements corresponding to what nations can really do.

by Ricardo Pérez

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