Tips, trends, advice for parents and activities of Instituto Lomas del Real, the best all-girls private school in San Luis Potosí

Instituto Lomas del Real

Instituto Lomas del Real
En nuestro colegio para niñas cada alumna recibe una formación personal que desarrolla aspectos intelectuales, humanos, físicos y espirituales.
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Our High School alumni with a Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) certificate come to us to tell us about their experiences at the university. They have managed to enter their first career option in the institution they chose. Let's meet them:
Practicing a sport brings lots of benefits; developing self-esteem and confidence, academic excellence and improving social skills.
In the Instituto Lomas del Real, our students have contact with nature through activities that take place in the School Garden. This article shares with you some of the activities performed at school so that you can too have an orchard at home.

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