Instituto Lomas del Real: Our GAC students speak

Apr 10, 2019 7:45:14 PM / POR Instituto Lomas del Real

Instituto Lomas del Real


Our High School alumni with a Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) certificate come to us to tell us about their experiences at the university. They have managed to enter their first career option in the institution they chose. Let's meet them:

Alexia Loperena

Hi, I'm Alexia Loperena and studying at the GAC was quite an adventure. At first we saw it as a punishment because we had more homework than girls who were not inside, more subjects and, of course, more projects. There were several complaints, I admit that a large part of them came from me, but after a while we began to realize how much they were serving us, not only at the level of English -the Lomas del Real Institute, by itself, already has a great level - but that the GAC also made us more capable, stronger and more efficient. He prepared us for college and to learn that teachers will not always be behind you and not everything is  “ a piece of cake”. In my case, it even helped me to study the subject of English only by taking the placement exam, where they tell you which of the 6 levels you should be in and that I accredited in my first semester.

I am very grateful to the Lomas del Real Institute for having offered me the GAC program.

María Gómez Abularach

I'm María Gómez Abularach and I'm studying Philosophy at the Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City campus. I have a class, Philosophy of Man, in which I notice especially the skills that I developed thanks to the GAC. This is because each week we have two scheduled readings, of which you have to make tabs where the main and secondary theses of the text are identified, as well as the premises that lead you to it. If it were not for the GAC, I would have no idea how to look for these elements. In addition, the techniques that allow me to think, argue and criticize in an orderly and clean manner are the product of the lessons in this program. Also, even if I have three years to start my thesis and I still do not have enough level to do a research work, I am calm knowing that I will not have plagiarism problems because of bad references, because one of the most important goals of the GAC is prevent your students from making those kinds of mistakes.

Valeria Pineda

Hi, I'm Valeria Pineda. When I finished high school, I thought I had a good command of English but the GAC program showed me the opposite; This program  helped me understand the language in all senses, both orally and in writing. In addition, it helped me to develop deep research skills that can only be improved through daily reading and practice. Although the process is tiring and exhausting, the skills with which you graduate from this program are invaluable. Thanks to the GAC today I can improvise a speech in a matter of seconds, write and structure an essay showing a great vocabulary and professionalism in the language; I can argue based on scientific and supported facts or do a complete investigation of a specific and difficult topic to write. Finally, it also helped me in intrinsic issues such as my security, my organization in daily life, my curiosity about transcendental topics of the current world and my sense of research when I do not keep the first source that comes out in Google.I think this is a great option and differentiates the Lomas del Real Institute from schools in San Luis Potosí. For this and much more, I am very grateful for the GAC program.